[v6 General Discussion] Geforce GTX 750 video card

We are going to install the GTX 750 Graphics card and we are running two monitors and two projectors. We have a video splitter for the one monitor and the two projectors. How do you connect everything so we can have display foldback?


Depending on the video card brand you will have 3 different ouputs on the back of the video card as in the image below.

One output will plug directly into your computer monitor this will be the control screen for EasyWorship.

The second output will usually be connected to the splitter which then connects to the projectors.

The third output will be connected to the monitor that you want to use as the foldback.

If the ports on the video card are different kinds as in the image you will need to get adpaters to go from displayport to what ever the monitor or projectors connects to.

Thanks Terry
So I can split the sceen on the second monitor to see the House Projector and the Display Foldback or do I need a 3rd monitor?
You have to use the 3rd output to display the foldback on either a monitor or a tv or whatever type of screen you connect it to.
Ok great thanks