[v6 General Discussion] Useability one: Slide sequence automation

Slide sequence automation

In another product (nameless! to protect the superiour!) the ability to setup an automatied sequence of - v1, c, v2, c, v3, c, c - is of great assistance particularly when the EW operator is unfamiliar with the song.

Also when the sequence is typcially - v1, v2, c, v3, c, bridge, c - things get more complicated.

Yes I know we can cut and paste slides all over the show (i.e. in advance) - however this doesn't help if the worship leader and/or musicians extemporise the sequence. Then it is VERY useful to have feww slides and be able to keep a smaller set in view on screen to identify where they have gone!


Hi Kevin,

Thanks for the feature request. Please make sure you post and vote for feature requests on our feature request forum. We have a link to it in the development section of this forum.

This is a feature that has been requested before, so please make sure you vote for it on the feature request form.
Couldn't find it - although I looked - what is it called

That's for your attention.

Click on board index at the top, then under Development Pipeline click on feature requests.
You'll find it under Song Arrangements.
Well I can't find it

Should I just buy a competitors product - even this forum isn't easy to navigate.

I'm sorry but this is just poor!

I've used a program with this feature and it worked well as long as you stayed with the preset sequence but as soon as you had to divert from it it was very difficult to use and you couldn't get back into the sequence. Based on my experience (which I admit, is limited) I would not want to use it.
The fact that one software package couldn't handle usability issues of this sort - doesn't mean this one can't
Hi Kevin,
Thanks for the feedback and Harry's insight is very helpful.
This feature has not yet been added to the queue for a development cycle, however we haven't forgotten about it.
Thanks for bringing this back to our attention.
Yes a sequencing scheme that is both simple to use - and also simple to leave (for more freedom) and get back to once the 'normal' order is resumed - would be ideal.

I also add would be a selling point.