[v6 General Discussion] EasyWorship used to be easier

I've been running EW6 since release and I think I've been using EW since ~2007. I'm really starting to weary of the way the new edition works. There are several items that could make the user experience much better. These have been brought up before, but since they don't seem to be addressed in these updates that I've been installing, I thought I'd try again.

1. Why can't I just click on a song in the Schedule and have the option to either edit the one in the schedule, or edit the one in the database, or an option when I edit the one in the schedule to also have it save it to the database?
2. If my context in the content selection is Songs and I click on a song in the schedule, why doesn't the focus in the content section at the bottom change to the song selected?
3. Why doesn't the song editor remember the size/position on the screen? I run this program on a 24" wide screen display and I end up resizing the edit window every time I open it. Almost every other windows program I run seems to remember screen positions and sizes.

I asked these as "why" questions. I know that the program behaves as it does because it was designed and built that way. I want to know why you made these decisions and why you haven't addressed them. Song editing is a basic feature, and I am really frustrated and disappointed that you made such a basic feature harder than it used to be. You are costing me lots of extra mouse movements and clicks. My carpal tunnel can't take this abuse, so please fix it.

I agree with no. 1. I want the ability to copy a song (or anything else) out of a schedule into the database.
I agree about jumping to the song in the database. If I notice in the schedule that part of the song is wrong (mis-spelling or spacing) then if I'm on the song in the schedule the database section below used to display the same song but it doesn't any more. I have to search for the song in the database before I can edit it.

This isn't easy to do or remember to do later.

Also I don't seem to have a working Undo any more. Especially frustrating when I paste a verse into the label field by mistake making the first line a different colour! I've tried Ctrl-Z to undo but it isn't undoing it. All I can do is delete the whole section and try again.
I'm just adding my support to these requests. Somehow EW seems to make what should be simple difficult.

The same frustration (for me) applies to presentations. Why can't we save a presentation from the schedule to the d/b to enable it to be resumed? - seems pretty basic to me...
I agree. I am very frustrated with EW6 as EW2009 worked better for me. In 2009, when I selected a song in the schedule, the database also went to that song making it easy if I goofed on a song. Kepping databases in sync with schedule (changes) also made it easier to stay up to date. Hope this gets implemented soon.
I agree with all of them, but especially #1 - because if I find I have to change something in a scheduled song or presentation because of a mistake / addition, what I really end up having to do is find it in the database, change it there, remove the inaccurate one from the schedule and then add the edited one back to the schedule.
It's a lot more steps than it used to be!
Please bring back CTRL Z for undo in song editing ! You don't realize how often you use short cuts till they are gone !
Another problem I found is that; I was editing a song to merge two songs together by copying and pasteing it, it changed the font size of the first line of the slide to a very very small font. I didn't notice this and the congregation was looking for the words. Why does it glitch out when editing this way. The way to resolve it is to select all and auto resize. Just anoying that's all.