[v6 General Discussion] Powerpoints are zoomed!?!?

For some reason my powerpoints are only showing a zoomed in, top left image of the slide in EW6??? Thumbnails are fine, songs are fine, videos and images are all fine it's just the live output of my powerpoints??? HELP PLEASE!

Here are the updated instructions.
We recommend setting the DPI compatibility option on PowerPoint viewer instead of EasyWorship.

https://support.easyworship.com/solutio ... ter-update
Thanks Rodger, you're an absolute legend! That's sorted it! Phew!
Hi Jonathan,

I'm sorry you're having this issue. This issue is caused by EasyWorship now being multi-monitor dpi compatible and PowerPoint viewer not being multi-monitor dpi compatible. You may go to edit, options, advanced and uncheck the option to use the PowerPoint viewer and it will use the full version of PowerPoint to run PowerPoint slideshows. If you have a full version of PowerPoint and EasyWorship doesn't seem to be able to load and play PowerPoint slideshows, please run a repair on office from programs and features in control panel. If you prefer to use PowerPoint viewer, you will have to disable display scaling for high dpi settings.
Close EasyWorship.
Right click on the EasyWorship icon.
Click on properties, then compatibility.
Click change settings for all users.
Check the box next to disable display scaling on high dpi settings.
Click OK and reopen EasyWorship.