[v6 General Discussion] Newest version Install Force Closes EasyWorship

Just installed the latest version and EasyWorship force closes after about 2 minutes. Re-opened EasyWorship and it did it again 4 more times. Need this resolved before Sunday. Thanks.

You'll probably need to call us at (918)250-1493. Also you may also want to make sure your virus scanner isn't blocking it from opening. If you can't give us a call before 6:00 PM CST Go ahead and try reinstalling 6.4.8 from the website.
If the database did not convert, it will roll back without any other steps needed.

If your database converted do the following.
Browse to C:\Users\Public\Documents\Softouch\Easyworship\Default\v6.1\Databases\Archive
Your profile may not be in the default folder, but most people have theirs in the default folder.
Find the latest archive folder.
Right click on it and click on copy.
Go back one folder and paste it in the databases folder.
Find the data folder and rename it to dataold.
Rename the archive folder you just pasted to data.
Now you can open 6.4.8.
I just want to clarify the rollback instructions.

Go to http://www.easyworship.com/software and download EasyWorship 6.4.8
If the database did not convert when you upgraded, that's all you need to do. If EasyWorship 6.5.3 opened and converted the database, follow the instructions below.

Open file explorer or computer
Open C: Drive
Then browse to UsersPublicPublic DocumentsSoftouchEasyWorshipDefault (This is your profile folder. It may have a different name)
Open the v6.1 folder, then the Databases folder.
Rename the folder called data to data5.3
Now open the Archive folder.
Find the folder with (6.4.1) in the name.
Right click on the folder with (6.4.1) in the name and click copy.
If you have more than one of these folders, copy the newest one.
Click the back button to go back to the previous folder.
You'll now see Archive and data5.3
Right click and paste. Making sure you don't right click on archive or data5.3. We don't want to paste into one of the folders.
You should now see Archive, data5.3 and the folder you pasted that has (6.4.1) in the name.
Right click on the folder that has 6.4.1 in the name and click rename.
Change the name to data.
Now you should have Archive, data and data5.3.
You can now open EasyWorship 6.4.8 and you'll have your 6.4.8 database.

I remoted into the machine that was having this issue and found that there was a program installed called PLAYTV which is installed with the AMD video card drivers. I un-installed this and then installed the program and it fixed the issue with the force close.