[v6 General Discussion] PowerPoint import gives yellow triangle with !

Every PowerPoint file I try to import results in an icon with a yellow triangle containing an exclamation mark.

I have EW6 build 4.8 on a Windows 7 Toshiba laptop. I have PowerPoint Viewer 2007 version 12.0.6612.1000 and EW6 is set to use it. Via Control Panel I've just done 'repair' on it, with no difference.

I still have EW2009 on the same machine, which can import and display the PowerPoint files perfectly!

Ideas welcomed... ...many thanks.


Hi Matt.,
Thanks for posting. You'll need to uninstall PowerPoint 2007 viewer and install PowerPoint 2010 viewer.
Here is a link to the instructions. https://support.easyworship.com/support ... r-ew-2009-
Looking much better - many thanks! Full test once I get to the church to try with projector. PS My own fault it took so long to get around to actually doing this... Matt.
Currently having the same issue here.
Easy Worship 6 Build 5.5
Windows 10 Home 64bit
Microsoft Office 365 Version 1706 (Build 7870.2031)
Latest version install of Microsoft Powerpoint Viewer.
Main display on the computer, and extended display via HDMI out to a local display and the two projectors via splitter

I can open and play the powerpoint slideshows using powerpoint and viewer with no issues, however when I attempt to import them into Easy worship the thumbnail is greyed out, and has a Yellow triangle and will now allow me to view any of the slides contained in the file.

Presentations created in Easy worship display just fine on the extended display

I have attempted to no avail to try saving the files with compatibility to previous PowerPoint versions (97-2003) (ex .ppt .pps)

Uninstall the PowerPoint viewer and then run a re-pair on the PowerPoint application then you will need to reboot and try it again. If that does not work let me know.