[v6 General Discussion] Multiple Cameras, Livestream, and EasyWorship 6

Hello. I currently use EW6 Feeds with my Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle USB 3. I am wanting to see as I am beginning live-streaming to see if I can still use multiple cameras with my lyrics on EW6. I am going to be using Adobe Media Encoder CS6. Has anybody had any luck or know of easy ways to do this?

I have 5 cameras in regular use in the church.
1 - Panasonic HD Handicam
1 - Cannon HD Handicam
3 - Sony HD HandiCam all different models

I have found you have to be careful which models you choose. MY Sony HDR SR 12 can just sit on the pan and tilt and turns on and off when I power up the whole system. A second Sony does the same and so does the Panasonic. However, one of my later model Sony's needs you to go and close the display and open it again. This is the only way you can turn the camera on and off. It has no on/off switch as do the two others. The Canon will not restart when power is turned on. I have to go and turn it on every week.

As for price on these cameras, I just kept looking on eBay until I found what I thought would be suitable and a suitable price. Price I paid for these was from $100 - $200. They work fine and I was happy with the quality of the livestream mentioned in my previous comments. That livestream used 2 Sony cameras (manned) and a JVC camera (remote operated).

Can you share what video cameras your using.

I'm just setting up and a new PC with intensity pro card + an external intensity shuttle. I had picked up a moderately priced canon HD video camera to test but couldn't get a clean signal. I've "Magic Lanterned" by Canon 70D SLR to get a clean HDMI out signal and overcome the 30 minute time limit but I get the feeling this should be easier to find a compatible camera.
[size=85]Here is what I do. I record the full service each week but don't livestream as we have no internet at the church.
COMPUTER 1 - RUNNING EW 6 as normal and sending output to screen as normal.
COMPUTER 2 - Running VMix video mixing software
It has 3 Blackmagic Intensity Pro capture cards, 2 Averkey HD capture cards and a high quality video card plus a large HDD for recording to.

I have 5 HD handicams connected via HDMi or HDMI over Cat 6 all on Bescor MT 101 remote pan and tilts. I can also remote zoom each camera.

VMix can capture the screens of other computers via a Desktop Capture utility over a network – wired or wireless. This then becomes a feed the same as a camera.

So for recording I use the cameras and the preachers PP comes in from the EW PC is used either full screen or Picture in Picture.

I have also used a green screen background in EW which I chroma key out and overlay onto the live video with a lower third.
Vmix can record and livestream simultaneously.

EW and VMix together make a great partnership.

Look at this link at about 14min 15 sec to 17 minutes and you can see the result of the chroma keyed song words over a lower third.


Are you currently using multiple cameras now with multiple feeds? Are you currently overlaying lyrics on video? Do you have a video switcher?