[v6 General Discussion] Easyworship 6 not playing MP4s

We are having problems with playing MP4s.
We click on the MP4 item in the Schedule and sometimes it plays and other times it doesn't.... makes Worship 'interesting'.

We usually click on another slide then click back on the Schedule again and again until it works.... or delete the song.

We are running Windows 10 and this problem didn't occur before we upgraded Windows.

Thanks for any suggestions


I am sorry that you are having this issue. When you play one of the mp4 files click on HELP//VIDEO CODEC TROUBLE SHOOTING and let me know what shows up in the list.
Having same problem. Please see error below

FILE - 7/30/2016 1:20:25 PM
ERROR: Unable to connect to VMR
Video Mixing Renderer 9
C:\Users\Fernandez Anderson\Music\EW Data Base\Resources\Videos\20 minute countdown - HD.mp4

If you have not already done so you just need click on Help inside EW6 and then install QuickTime Support and then reboot the machine after you have installed QuickTime. It will not tell you that you need to reboot the computer but will have to in order for it to work correctly.