[v6 General Discussion] Upgrading EW2007 to EW6 and upgrading to win10

Our church is running EW2007 on Windows 7 Pro. I'd like to upgrade both Easyworship and Windows--could you please advise the best way to do this? Should I upgrade EW first, transport the database and profiles and then upgrade Windows? Also, all of these things will be happening on one computer, not moving to a new PC. Are there instructions for that scenario? I've only found info on moving to a new computer. Thank you!


The first thing I would do is make sure to backup all the data that you want to save just in case the upgrade to Windows 10 does not go well.

Here is a video on how to back up your EasyWorship 2007/2009 database.
https://support.easyworship.com/support/solutions/articles/6000091221-how-to-backup-your-2009-database:3sutitgp]Click Here

Then after you install Windows 10 and make sure the PC is working properly install EW6 and it will convert the data over to the new program.
Won't the Windows 10 patch for EW 2007/EW2009 have to be installed? That's a moot point if you don't plan on running EW 2009 on Windows 10.

But really, after installing Windows 10, you might have to run EW 2009 for one Sunday.

I personally found that the EW6 upgrade was really easy and pretty fast, and works fine with both Windows 7 and Windows 10. You might want to do it first.
Thanks for your help. I will follow Terry's instructions, and hope for the best!
Thank you too, Samson.8765. But, since we are using ew2007 and not 2009, I hope we will be up and running by the first Sunday because ew2007 isn't compatible with Windows 10 from what I've read.