[v6 General Discussion] Underlining in PowerPoint presentation

I am having some issues with PowerPoint presentations that I import into EW6, specifically with underlined text.

I prepare the EW schedule remotely (song lyrics, videos, etc.) , and use Drop Box to get them onto the projection computer. Another person on our tech team prepares the "sermon powerpoint" in Keynote on his Mac. He converts it to a PowerPoint and "drop boxes" that onto the projection computer. In the sermon PPT, certain words within the presentation are underlined. Our pastor likes to have "fill in the blank" note pages for the congregation, and the underlined words represent the words to fill in the blank.

Recently, I noticed that, on the Projection Computer, the PPT file itself contained underlined words; however, when imported into EW6, the text is not underlined. Tonight, I noticed something really odd. When I exported the same PPT into the EW schedule on my laptop, the underlined text was underlined in EW.

There are so many differences between my laptop (Windows 10, PowerPoint 2010, 1 screen, etc.) and the Projection Computer (Windows 7, Power Point 2009, 3 screens, etc.).

The key here, though, is that Power Point displayed the words with underlines, while EW6 did not.

Has anyone had a similar experience? If so, how did you fix it?


In EW6 on the Projection Computer click on EDIT//OPTIONS//ADVANCED and if the option is checked to use the PowerPoint viewer try un-checking that and then see if it will work correctly.
Terry - That was my plan... I'll let you know how it turns out.