[v6 General Discussion] songselect problems

A bit concerned that songselect problems have been marked as closed.
I've have also found that I cannot import from songselect to EasyWorship.
The answer from EW HQ is it's not our problem.

A solution .....
from within songselect ......
select 'schedule' and an unwanted screen shot is placed in your schedule.
This can be deleted ...... pointless rubbish !
As if by magic the 'import' button lights up in songselect and again as if by magic
this allows you to import the song via the now activated 'Import' button into
your EasyWorship database.

It may not be an EW problem but would be nice not to be fobbed off as someone else's problem
when a bit of talking to major supply companies could make things work so easily.
Even a work around would have been nice.

Hope this works for everyone else.

Hi Dave,

Thanks for your comments and feedback. I could not find the tickets you referred to under your email address, so I'm not sure what you have been advised by one of our techs. This issue has been reported to our developers to find a solution. This issue has only occurred for me very infrequently, but has occurred for some users very often. I have found that clicking the lyrics tab again usually caused the page to refresh and the import link lights up. If you click schedule and the song doesn't appear in the schedule, that means that the software doesn't recognize that it is on the lyrics page. That's good info to have for the developers.

Another easy work around is to click the copy button on the page next to print download and email.
Click the plus button at the bottom of the song list to create a new song.
Then ctrl+V.
This will fill in the song text, song title, copyright.
Click OK to save the song.
I hope this helps until we can get this fixed for you.
Thanks Roger


Post by keith.college@yahoo.co.uk ยป Sat Jun 25, 2016 4:07 pm
Now cannot import lyrics from Song Select! What is going on?

Thanks again