[v6 General Discussion] Black thumbnails in schedule and in library folders

Trying to migrate from EW2009 to EW6 while some extra time available. The images and videos I am trying to use display and work perfectly fine in EW2009; however, when trying to use them in EW6 there are multiple display issues. For images/videos that I just move into the resources folder directly, the image thumbnails are black when added to the schedule and most of the videos show as black thumbnails in both the library and the schedule screens. If I try to use the right click import option, the images are faded in the library to the point that I can't make out what they are, then they are also black thumbnails in the schedule. The videos import either as black thumbnail or faded with "broken screen" (image split and backwards) in black and white. All of the images are .jpg format and most saved from Powerpoint files into .jpg format. Most of the videos were created with MS Moviemaker and are in mp4 format.
Any suggestions?


Did the actual images get copied over or are they just short cut files that are pointing to a location that does not exist on the new computer?
So I figured out the problem with the video thumbnails when they are in the images folder directly, but still having the issues with imported images and videos....any ideas?