We cannot even get to another website in Easyworship because the error pops up and will not let me get past. This has REALLY messed up our presentation for this morning.

Warning to users, do not click the WEB button in EW. Only way out after that (in my experience with this today) is to kill EW in taskmanager.
I had similar issues... as well as just getting to Easyworship.com
Looks like it expired yesterday.

Issued to: easyworship.com
Issued by: COMODO RSA Organization Validation Secure Server CA
Valid from: 8/5/2015 to 6/18/2016...

Easyworship should invest in a multi-year certificate. Then you don't have to change the certificates in all of your servers as frequently.
We are displaying a live poll today and was going to do it with EW (worked beautifully last week). Now I cannot get to the WEB button to schedule our poll link. I am now stuck dragging a browser window up to our projection screen. Unprofessional looking. All because EW FORCES you to go to their website when clicking the WEB button.

I vote that is changed!!

Tried turning certificate checking off in Internet Explorer but that did not seem to help.
Same problem here - cannot get onto WEB or SongSelect on our computers please help We Urgently require a solution!
You might try disconnecting computer from the Internet, click the web button, go to whatever site you want, then reconnect to Internet and reload the page.

Not sure if this will work but worth a try.

EW is closed on Sunday so I suspect nothing will be done until Monday.
Frustrating Need access to SongSelect within EW for Tuesday 21st June for planned training session.
We had to restart the computer... couldn't find any other way of getting out of the "certificate expired" error, so had to restart and then type lyrics to a new song manually instead of importing from SongSelect.
I am quite surprised no one from EW has replied yet.
No reply - or resolution yet from EW team - is it a public holiday in USA?
It seems to be fixed now.

I am still going to put in a request that we have the ability to open the WEB portion to a blank page so nothing like this ever happens again.
It would also be nice to see someone from EW respond to this thread.

We are sorry about the issue and apologize for any inconvenience that it caused. Thank for your patience.
Terry, is there a plan in place to make sure this never happens again?

Also, if anyone cares to vote for it, I made a feature request asking to be able to choose where the Web button defaults to...

https://support.easyworship.com/support ... 6000038431