[v6 General Discussion] Activation & Settings when Installing for all users

Installed EW6 on a Church Office PC using an account with administrator rights. Ran the program in the administrator account, gave it my EW username & password for activation, and used profiles manager to point at the right profile that's on a network share.

All works, hurrah.

Logged into a test user account just to check that everything is fine when running without admin rights. However I was asked again to gave my EW username & password for activation and use profiles manager to set the right profile.

Does this have to be repeated individually for every single user account on a PC?
Is there any way to activate for all user accounts on a PC, and choose the profile for all users?


Open EW and click on HELP//ABOUT and make sure that you are running the most current build which is 4.8 This was an issue with an old build number.
6.4.8 - downloaded and installed from the website today.
<Bump as it happened again>

Downloaded EasyWorship from the website on 23/07/2016. Installed it using the Administrator account. Then ran EasyWorship and gave it my EW username & password for activation, and used profiles manager to point it at the right profile. All works fine.

Today a user runs EasyWorship for the first time in their user account... and EasyWorship wants them to enter a username & password for activation, and then configure the profile.
Is this going to be rinse and repeat for every user on the computer?
I am sorry that you are having this issue.

We tested it and replicated issue.

If you will just click continue instead of logging in, it will go ahead and register for that user.
Hi Terry,

Thanks for the reply. What about the choosing of profile/database?