[v6 General Discussion] video and sound not synced

I am trying to play a .mov clip in easyworship6. Video runs in slow motion, sound track is fine. I think it was recorded on iphone
Grateful if you can assist - Movie runs fine outside easyworship.
data rate 16285kbps
29 frames per sec

quicktime movie
quicktime codec installed 7.7.9 for windows
easyworship6 4.8

64 bit
gtx960 video card 4gb
ram 8gb
processor i5 6500

I tried another .mov within ew6 today - it worked fine - sound and video synched properly
It was recorded by our minister on iphone - i will try other .mov file when next in church and let you know - thank you
I'm pretty sure this is an issue with how the video was created. Videos that are created on phones or camera's may use a proprietary format that doesn't always play well well in EasyWorship. Do other .mov files work? If so, you'll probably have to load the file into a program like movie maker or a video editor app and export it as a normal MP4 or MOV file.
Hi terry
any update on the above please - I appreciate you are busy
Hi thanks for your help

FILE - 10-Jun-16 23:38:55
QuickTime Source
Video Mixing Renderer 9
Default DirectSound Device

When you play the clip click on HELP//VIDEO CODEC TROUBLE SHOOTING and let me know what shows up in the list. Thanks.