[v6 General Discussion] Schedule preview problems

Having abandoned EW6 for over a year, I'm now trying again. It's better. I have most of the backgrounds, it's kept the font and most of the margins; and it plays video clips beautifully.
But I have a couple of weird glitches still.
Firstly, the left hand column - schedule - doesn't show either words or pictures in most of the screens. This appears to be random.
Secondly - when I click on a song in the schedule nothing happens ie. it doesn't show in the second column. If I double click, it shows in both the second column and the live output column. This means that the operator can't 'look ahead' any more.

Can anyone tell; me how to sort these problems? Or we're going to have to go back to 2009 and our Vicar will bite me...

Hi! I am sorry that you are having these issues.
Does this happen with EasyWorship songs or is this happening with PowerPoint files that you have added to the schedule?
Does the computer meet the system requirements?
Thanks for responding.
This is with song files - I haven't got as far as powerpoint yet. And yes - this computer was brand new in the Autumn and well over spec!
I've sorted the lack of pics in the left hand column btw - it was the way they were linked. Although what's going to happen when I take the schedule over to church I dread to think...
If you call tech support we can help you if you have any more issues.
Right. I've put the powerpoints in. Like the song files, they aren't showing in the preview pane until doubleclicked. Also, we still have the problem of the slides showing only a quarter screen...
Hi StJamesHorsforth,

Right click the EasyWorship icon on the desktop. Click on properties, then compatibility, click the option to change settings for all users. Then Check the box to disable display scaling for on high DPI settings.
Click OK and OK.

That should fix the issue with the content not filling the screen.

The other issue could be video card related.
Please provide your system specs.
This video will show you how to get your system specs.
https://support.easyworship.com/support ... i-running-

You may want to reconvert your old database so your backgrounds will transfer into the themes area.
This video will help you do that.
https://support.easyworship.com/support ... worship-6-