[v6 General Discussion] Apple no longer supporting QuickTime for windows

Saw this from several sources today. Apple is halting support for Windows QT and trend micro et al are recommending Windows users uninstall the product. See the cnet article below.

http://www.engadget.com/2016/04/14/home ... e-windows/
Homeland Security urges you to uninstall QuickTime on Windows

Since EW depends on QT for its codecs, what recommendations will be forthcoming?

Thanks for the heads up. I have passed the information along.
I have been successfully playing mp4 and mov files WITHOUT Quicktime installed so I am not sure that saying EW depends on it is accurate. I know I have seen EW reps saying it was needed, but my Windows 10 system does not.

Also Apple released an updated QT installer.
Terry, how is it I am able to play mp4 and mov without Quicktime installed. Can you confirm that QT is not needed?

What decoded does it say you are using when you play the file in EW6?

From everything I have read so far it looks like you need QT if you want to play an MOV. on a Windows machine or you will need to have K-lite installed.
Just played a MOV file...

FILE - 5/13/2016 1:51:47 PM
\\projection\worship\Easyworship2007\Resources\Videos\Misc\Colored Smoke Alive Slow-HD.mov
LAV Video Decoder
Video Mixing Renderer 9

I do have K-lite installed. If K-lite is what is doing it, then why would EW not just tell users to dump Quicktime and use K-lite?

K-lite has to be configured properly in order to work and is much more difficult than just installing QuickTime. Apple has removed the vulnerability from the QT install.

Also in this post you can see that eventually we will be moving away from QT.

http://forums.easyworship.com/viewtopic.php?f=47&t=14976&sid=207cc29b30a46c6a912d51da50583608:3n9k46gw]Click Here
In that post, it says "EasyWorship relies on the QuickTime engine for playing MP4, MOV, M4v, and M4a files."

It seems that is not entirely true, right? To me, it seems EW already has a solution to not using Quicktime. Use K-lite and configure it the way it needs to be (which is very simple and the step by step is already posted on your website).

This really does not effect me as ours works great without QT. I am just wondering why EW does not tell people to go ahead and uninstall QT and use K-lite. Lets face it, QT will be vulnerable again very soon!