[v6 General Discussion] Powerpoint videos

Had a problem last weekend where a Powerpoint with an embedded video would not play the video.

The powerpoint, when shown with Powerpoint2010, has some 'ghost' play/stop etc. buttons which when 'clicked' will start the video.

Those ghosted buttons could not been seen in either Easyworship6 or 2009.

I myself avoid videos in Powerpoint like the plague, but that is not always true of guest speakers!

Are there any tips on how to get around this problem?

Thanks, David


In the PowerPoint file you will need to make sure that the video is set to either start on click or automatically.
I was able to get a powerpoint with background audio and embedded video files to play with the videos set to play automatically. Unfortunately, there was a delay in the activation of the videos so they appeared as a picture for several seconds before actually going into motion. Next time, I will run something like this through the full version of powerpoint.