[v6 General Discussion] DVD Aspect Ratio

We love the DVD and video clip editor.
However we do have a problem with the DVD aspect ratio.
We have several 16 x 9 DVDs which play correctly in VLC player but not in Easy Worship 6.

We use a 4 x 3 screen so expect 16 x 9 material to play in a “letter box” with black bars above and below which VLC player does.
However the DVD clip editor appears only able to stretch the the horizonal when in this case it needs to shrink the vertical.

If the second monitor is set to 16 x 9 format, the DVD editor can be set to correctly stretch the Anamorphic 4 x 3 to 16 x 9.

The video codecs are as follows:

DVD Navigator (Default)
DScaler Video Decoder
DScaler Audio Decoder
Video Mixing Renderer 9
default DirectSound Device

The DeScaler is version 5

Is there anything else that we need to do?

I am sorry That I did not get back to you. I have created a ticket so that we can work on this. I have emailed you the ticket to the email on this post.

It would appear that I am the only person commenting on this so I must be doing something wrong to experience it.
I would appreciate a resolution to this apparent anomaly that we are experiencing.

I am aware that I mentioned that ripping sections of the DVD to Mp4 was a temporary work-around, but that was 8 months ago.

"I will test this and get back to you with the information."

Have I missed your reply?

We now have a new PC meeting all recommended specs and wish to run the new Alpha Video series from DVD.
We are still unable to display the DVD image without vertical "stretch" distortion.
I add that the native resolution of our projectors is the 4 x 3 standard 1024 x 768.

I imagine most DVDs are now are widescreen and that there are still a lot of 4 x 3 projectors still in service.
We will keep running the DVDs in EW 2009 for the time being which handles the aspect ratio perfectly.
I just hope that unsupported Windows 10 behaves over the series.

Being able to handle high definition is of dubious value if the aspect ratio is incorrect.

I have managed a temporary work-around by ripping the needed sections of wide screen DVDs to Mp4 format and playing the files to maintain the correct aspect ratio.

Can I be the only user to have or notice the issue?
I forgot to add that there is no problem displaying these DVDs in EasyWorship 2009. The correct format is picked up straight away.

I will test this and get back to you with the information.