[v6 General Discussion] My projector looses connection every time I change a powerpoint folder in the live feed

I have developed a new problem since a recent update. When I display a new item from the schedule e.g. power point file or movie my projector temporarily losses connection from the PC. This makes using EW6 at present impossible.


Are you using an HDMI Splitter? If so there could be an issue with HDCP compliance. That might cause an issue like that.
No I'm using our normal VGA cable and no spliter. The projector looses the connection temporarily and then finds it again but it is very disruptive. any suggestions??

Open your powerpoint file, under the slide show tab uncheck Play Animation, Use Timings, and Show Media Controls. Save the file and try it again...

Have you tested to see if this happens if you do not have a PowerPoint in the schedule? I am wondering if the PowerPoint is set to a different resolution.