[v6 General Discussion] How do I use profiles, please?

I think I need to use the additional functionality in profiles/themes in EW6. I have one database of songs (4000+ of them). When used to project in the main Church itself, we need relatively large font size because it's a fairly large building. However, when we have a service in one of the smaller rooms, there's no need for the font size to be nearly as big - indeed, if it is that big, it's difficult to read. I think I should be able to set up two different themes within the same profile to address this. Is that correct?

I think I ought to be able to set up two different themes with different backgrounds and different font sizes. We then need only select the correct theme for a service and the hymns should display correctly. I hope ...

What's bothering me at present is that lots of my hymns seem to have explicit, non-default font sizes set in the database, even though they have just been imported (using ezConvert into EW 2009 and then converting the database to EW6). Have I misunderstood the functionality here? If not, is there any straightforward way to tell 4000+ hymns to revert to default font size as set in the theme? And how exactly do I tell EW that I want to use a particular theme for a particular schedule/service?



I created a theme called BIG FONT and another one called LITTLE FONT.
I edited each one under Inspector and set the font to 96 on the BIG FONT and 14 on the LITTLE FONT.
Then I just drop the theme onto the song that I want to make big or small. I hope this helps.
Does that mean there is no way to tell EW6 that I want the whole of this schedule to be theme X rather than the default unless overridden on a per song basis? I guess it does. This seems a slight oversight in the themes functionality to me. Could you please add this as a feature request for a future version?

You could have another theme called Normal which you set as default and then only apply the other themes to the individual songs.
Hmmm. Not as flexible - or perhaps I should say not as usable, because in a sense it's too flexible! - as I had hoped. I shall just have to work a little harder when I need to change theme.