[v6 General Discussion] WMV File Playback Problems

I have a Windows 7 laptop I was setting up for only EW use around the building when needed. I had 2009 on it but just installed EW6. All video formats play perfect through EW6 except WMV files. They play very choppy, both audio and video. I have tried MPG, MP4, MOV, AVI and they all play fine in EW.

The WMV files play fin outside EW when using Windows Media Player.

What should I be looking for to fix this?

This laptop does have an AMD card, but I would think if that was the problem, all videos would be problematic.

Decided to upgrade this computer to Windows 10 and now WMV's play just fine. This tells me it is not a hardware problem but some software issue.
CPU usage is low while playing. It peaked at 26% but was typically in the high teens.

The bitrate is 28530kbps. Not sure if that is high or not but I never had a problem showing these videos before EW6. All the WMV files are videos I created.
Not all videos play the same way. It could be that the WMV files require just enough power with the added requirement of directX playback, they could be choppy. Check the CPU usage when playing them. Also check the bitrate of the video. If it is a high bitrate video, it could be overtaxing the computer.