[v6 General Discussion] Can't Import PowerPoint Presentations Created in PP 2013

Does EasyWorship support PowerPoint 2013? They always show a yellow ? when I import into EasyWorship 6. I can not load any PowerPoints2013 that I create in EasyWorship 6. If I save them as PowerPoint 97-2003 they will load. I am running Windows 7. I have downloaded the newest version of EasyWorship. I continue to use EasyWorship 2009 which will allow me to import PowerPoint2013 presentations!

Thank you, I followed your instructions, and it fixed the problem.
It sounds like there is an issue with how PowerPoint is installed. Please go to control panel, programs and features, then repair your office install. Usually this is caused by a registry entry that is pointing EasyWorship to the wrong location to find where Office is installed.