[v6 General Discussion] EW 6 froze during service

I guess it's a good thing that I still have EW 2009 on my computer. I have tried to use EW6 several times during the last six months but just get a little frustrated and go back to EW2009. Today it acted bizarre during the service. My mouse disappeared on the EW6 window. It worked everywhere else except on the EW6 screen. When I moved my mouse over EW6 window, the mouse pointer vanished and then appeared when I moved it off. I had to go to task manager and hard close EW6. Tried this three times and went back to EW 2009 as a backup. It worked fine.

I think it may have something to do with Powerpoint that was open during this process. Prior to the freezing, I had corrected a misspelled word in the presentation and was trying to reload it into EW6. I could easily correct and/or update a Powerpoint in EW2009. Not so in EW6.


This is not something that can be fixed or diagnosed on the forum I suggest that you call tech support.
For sure you need to call us about the locking up. For the PowerPoint editing there is a reason for that. EW 6 works best with the PowerPoint application so it uses the Application by default. However PowerPoint cannot do two things at once. It can either present or edit, but not both. So when you edit a PowerPoint while EasyWorship is open, In more recent builds it pauses PowerPoint in EasyWorship while you make the edit, then resumes when you bring EasyWorship back in focus. You can set EasyWorship 6 to use PowerPoint 2010 viewer and then you should be able to edit PowerPoints the same as in EW 2009. You may miss out on newer animations and transitions that the newer versions of Office offer when doing this.
EW 2009 has the command worded this way:
__"Use PowerPoint application instead of viewer"

EW6 words it this way:
__"Use the Powerpoint Viewer instead of the Full Powerpoint Application"

We must have read this command quickly while setting up our application preferences but they are opposite commands. I went back in and checked the box in EW6.