[v6 General Discussion] Why does Drag auto-expand Schedule Window?

I see no reason why dragging something onto a schedule item and hovering over an item will auto-expand the item. All it does for me is mess me up. I can't drag something into the middle of another item, and if I accidentally drop my schedule item on the "open" expanded schedule item, it doesn't actually get added to the schedule. Once I fill up the schedule and I'm trying to add items to the bottom of the schedule, if I accidentally "hover" too long over the last item instead of getting it between the "bottom" and the last item (if I don't see the black line between "items"), it will auto-expand the last item and when I drop, it doesn't actually add to the schedule. I miss items if I didn't notice it wasn't actually added and it's kind of embarrassing in the middle of service to have a missing scripture or song!!

Is there a reason it does that? Is there a way to make it easier to add to the bottom? Is the option to "right click and add to schedule" going to return? That always added to the bottom. I love the ability to add by dragging and dropping to add something in the middle but when building a schedule, it becomes an issue for me.

Thanks, Jeanne

I concur that the auto expand feature is a pain to work with,
Strange, it doesn't add to the bottom, it's adding it in the middle different places. Wonder where it decides to add it?
Awesome, I never even saw that Plus, why would I think it would add the song?? Thank you!
Hi Jeanne,

Auto Expand is a bit of a pain - you just need to linger a little too long when dragging a theme - and it expands! I think they should abandon auto-expand and leave it to the operator do it manually by clicking on the small black arrow next to the schedule item.

Adding songs - have you tried using the "+" above the preview window - it will add the song to the bottom of the schedule.

I hope this helps,