[v6 General Discussion] EW6 Freezing after PowerPoint

We have had occasions where EW6 (latest version) is freezing after having displayed a powerpoint. We have been able to reproduce this event although not consistently. The sequence prior to the freezing event has been as follows:-

1. Song from schedule being displayed, step through verses to end.
2. Logo ON.
3. Go Live next item in schedule. (The powerpoint)
4. Logo OFF.
5. Step through powerpoint.
6. Go Live next item in schedule.
7. Logo ON
At this point EW6 is frozen.

The freezing happens more consistently when steps 6 & 7 are done quickly.
This has happened when using the PowerPoint application and PowerPoint viewer.

I hope that you are able to reproduce this event in the support department using the sequence above.
This is not preventing us using EW6, it just causes the operator a few moments of panic as the EW6 application is restarted and we jump to the point in our service after the PowerPoint.

It at least gets the congregation to turn their heads and stare at the AV Desk for a few seconds checking that we are there and awake!

Thanks for your help.


Also have this problem. It was occasional at first but is now happening more frequently. This is frustrating for technicians during worship service. Happened three times yesterday. Have me wondering if EW6 does not want us to use PPT anymore.

So far I have not been able to reproduce it.

Can you email a schedule file that you have used to us at support@easyworship.com

Also what are the system specifications of the computer?