[v6 General Discussion] [ANSWERED]Missing fonts

Folks - our Church 'standard font' is the rather nice 'Sinkin Sans' family. But try as I might, I cannot get EW to display this. It's properly installed on my PC, and displays fine in everything else, but isn't in the list of fonts in EW - for example, when I try to select it as the Song font. Is this because it is an OTF rather than a TTF font? How can this be fixed?

Please see my response here.

Is there any movement on this issue? We've just installed EW6 from EW2009 because we've upgraded to Windows 10, and to our astonishment, OTF font support has been removed.

Could this be restored as soon as possible please as our church branding uses OTF fonts.


I can confirm that EW 6 does not support Open Type Fonts at this time. It is on the list as a feature request but there is not date on when it will be available.