[v6 General Discussion] Power point not showing

Hi Friends.

I'm been installing Easyworship 6 on some of computers in our office and I've run into a problem which hasn't happened before. I'm running the latest version of Easyworship alongside Powerpoint 2007 and imported powerpoint files will only show in the Live Output window. In all other windows they appear as a white screen with a black line at the top and bottom. Ta.



In EW click on EDIT//OPTIONS//ADVANCED//POWERPOINT OPTIONS if it is checked to use the viewer try un-checking it or try checking it if it is not.
Hi Terry. Thanks for your suggestion. I tried it both checked and unchecked and nothing has changed.

You might try installing the 2010 PPT viewer and the update as well from this https://www.easyworship.com/support/kbarticle/214/:2mssgrhh]link
Hi Terry. I tried installing those files but still no luck in solving the problem.
You may need to call support and have us take a look at this issue.