[v6 General Discussion] Install EW6 on same system as EW2009?

I have looked over the faq and was surprised that no one had asked this question.

On our live presentation system which currently runs Easyworship 2009 we would like to install our newly purchased EW6.

Why, so we can train and tryout / test our configuration without getting stuck without a working system.

Will this work?


They will run independently of each other. You will be able to run 09 you just have to close EW 6.
Will there be questions of upgrading / importing/ transferring databases from 2009 into V6?
If so (i would hope so) how do I respond?
I want the 2009 data converted and left alone for 2009 (fall Back) at the same time.

I understand that we would have to enter any new media/song twice to maintain two current data sets.

Thank you

Kennon Baker
Tri-County Worship Center
Bethel, PA
When you install EW 6 and then open it you will get the option to convert the data that is in EW 09. This will not move your songs but just copy them into the EW6 software. You will also have all your media as well. So EW 09 and EW6 will have the same data available to you.
Your download page for EW6 claims that the installation will *replace* any existing installation of EasyWorship. I am unwilling to try the demo for this reason: I need to be sure that it will work on the church's worship computer but cannot afford to find that our previous installation will no longer work.

Easyworship 2009 will continue to work even after you install Easyworship 6. I have done this on many machines.