[v6 General Discussion] EasyWorship 6 Freezing in Windows 10

I have had my EW freeze three times so far today while trying to enter my schedule. It seems to be happening when I am entering the scriptures and I accidentally hit two numbers at the same time. IE: entering Gal 6:9 but I hit the 9 and 0 at the same time. Of course, then I lose the entire schedule and start over. When I am working quickly, I tend to hit the same keys sometimes, and this is really frustrating. I was late today so I am trying to hurry!
I have had no issues until today. Is anyone else having this issue?
I have an SSD drive, Windows 10, fast system with 32 gigs of ram, so I don't think it's the system. I do have wireless keyboard and mouse. Could that cause an issue? Thank you for any ideas.


This is not a known issue.

Can you give me the exact steps so that I can try to reproduce the issue.
I was building the schedule. I had Songs in the list, a presentation in the list, and some scriptures. I had a Theme set for the songs and for the scriptures. The song theme was a moving background and the scripture one was a solid non-moving background.

As I typed (for example) Gal 6:9 (instead of hitting 9, i hit 90 at the same time), it then froze. It happened three times that morning. Twice on Gal 6:9. The first time I didn't realize what froze it up. I thought the verse didn't exist because it didn't type it in. That first one was in Psalms. Then after a restart of EW, it went in fine. I saved my schedule after that and after the 2nd freeze up, I saved it after each verse entry ... I was tired of rebuilding the schedule.

Do you need any other information?
Which version of the bible where you using? I am trying to recreate this issue and so far it is not happening for me.
Sorry, didn't see your post until now. I was using King James version. Btw, (i don't think I hit any wrong keys today (multiple) but it didn't freeze at all while I was building the schedule this morning. I don't know if it was just because I was in a hurry that morning or what, but things are fine so far this morning. I built it while a "song" was live with a moving background. The day I had the issue, it was later and the "presentation" was going while I was building it. The presentation is built with moving backgrounds.
That might be the key, as I typically get to build the schedule while Prayer is going on and I just have a slide that says Join us for prayer up. But that morning I was late, so the Announcement presentation was running while I was building it.. But, it happened also while I was doing songs during song service, so maybe that really isn't the key I am not sure.
All that to say, today it was doing fine, but I wasn't trying to hurry so I don't think I hit multiple keys at once..
Thank you for working on this and I really like the new version. (I do miss the preview window but I like the Live window also...)
Here's hoping we have 4 columns, Schedule, Preview, Live and Output!
I would like to post an update on this. I didn't even think about it because I learned to type on a typewriter, and on typewriter there is no "10-key pad" so I type my scriptures in with the upper keys above the keyboard. When I was training someone, they were using the 10-key to put in the scripture numbers, and I wondered if you were testing that way. I tested, and using the 10-key, I could not get it to "freeze", it just put both numbers in or just put one number in that matched the scriptures (like if I hit 1 and 2 together, it put 12, but if I hit 4 and 5 together it just put in the 4 because there was no verse 45). But, two or three tests of hitting 9 and 0 together in the "above the keyboard" numbers, it froze.
That might help you track down the issue? Was that how you were testing for it?
Let me know, I'm curious and I will try and remember to use the 10-key to enter the numbers from now on.

I still can't recreate this issue even using the keys along the top of the keyboard.
Well, I guess I"ll try and remember to use the keypad instead of the upper keys. I wonder if it's related to Windows 10 or if it's related to the wireless keyboard? I did run with Windows 8.1 for a while before updating to 10, but don't know if i ever hit multiple keys when entering scriptures during that time...
Thanks for trying.
Hope it's just a quirk in my system... Thanks Jeanne
it just happened again. it's cold in the church this morning so I have a glove on, and i'm sure I bumped more numbers than just one. I was putting in a scripture that was multiple (Philippians 4:8-9) and then they wanted verse 13, so I'm trying to highlight the 8-9 and change it to 13, (btw, it's difficult to get rid of the -, it doesn't let you hit back space or delete to remove the -9, and it won't let you highlight the entire thing 8-9 to remove it), and it froze from the keypad.
I'm not sure what else to say, I sure wish you could duplicate the issue..
Rodger figured it out!

It is a bug and we can now replicate it.

It was not entering 90 that caused it. It is entering a zero on the last verse location. If you actually type in 90 it will not lock up but if you type in the zero first it will lock up. I have submitted the bug to the developers.