[v6 General Discussion] EW6 Freezing up

Twice this week in practice sessions, EW6 has frozen up going from a power point to a song. It leaves the last slide from the power point up and shows one song slide in the middle window. EW6 has been working fine for the past several weeks. I'm on ver 6.3.3. We have to end the application in task manager to get out of EW. Any help would be appreciated.

Win 7 pro 64 bit
Alienware X51 R2
16 gig memory
Nvidia Geforce gtx 960
C: 227 gig ssd
d: 931 gig

I changed to the viewer and now I get an "access violation at address..." when switching from one schedule to another. I switched back to not using the viewer and couldn't get it to make the "access violation..." error. Of course it never froze up in either mode.
If you are using the PowerPoint application try switching to the viewer. In EW click on Edit//Options//Advanced//and put a check mark on "use the PowerPoint Viewer instead of the Full PowerPoint Application" It is not recommended but can't hurt to try it anyway.
The preview pane was already hidden.

Try this and see if it corrects the issue.

Open the EasyWorship program.
Click on Presentations
Click the gear wheel icon and select Import PowerPoint file.
In the browse window, click the (Hide the preview pane) button on the right side of the toolbar next to the blue question mark button. This will turn off the preview pane. This will prevent the Windows browse box from previewing the slideshow.