[v6 General Discussion] White block on foldback screen

Hi EW Team,

I've come across this issue on our foldback screen for the past couple of months. I've only now taken a photo of the issue. Basically we are getting a white box on the foldback screen at certain times. After some testing this week it seems to happen when we click on the top bar of the program (the title bar that has the close, minimise and maximise buttons next to it).

We are running the latest version of EW with a Nvidia gtx 970 graphics card (latest drivers) and about 16gb of ram. The foldback, main and primary computer screens are all being run from the gtx 970. We are also running windows 8.1.

I've noticed that I can get the box to disappear by clicking the EW helper and clicking 'Launch EasyWorship'. Is there something I can do to remove this white box altogether? I've attached images below. The only program running in the example is EW.

The part we click on to get the problem is the blue bar at the top that says - EasyWorship - church name - Default

Thanks for your help.


Make sure that you do not have the Alpha Channel turned on in EW. Click on Edit//Options// and make sure Alpha Channel is Disabled.
Hi Terry,

Thanks for the solution. One of the other media guys must've enabled it by accident. Just to confirm though, is this a bug with the alpha channel?
No. If you have the Alpha Channel turned on and set to the screen it is doing what it is supposed to do you are just not using that feature.