[v6 General Discussion] multiple powerpoint in taskmanager

Hi. I have recently installed easyworship 6 on my home computer and working fine until I loaded powerpoint files
from church computer onto my own. Powerpoint files are a mixture of 97-2003 and later and I am running powerpoint 2013 on my computer.
Now program is running very slow and task manager shows about many powerpoint processes running as soon as program loads. They are still there after shutting down easy worship.
after deleting powerpoint files program runs ok again.


Did you add multiple PowerPoint files to Presentations Folder inside of the Resources folder? Or are they in a schedule file?
The PowerPoint files are in the presentations folder. The Schedules folder is empty. Further to my last post I deleted all the PowerPoint files and program running fine.
Then I pasted them back in one at a time and all OK until 2 files caused between 30 and 40 PowerPoint process and CPU running over 50%.
I deleted these files and all OK again.

I opened the problem files separately in PowerPoint and both opened in protected view and reported problems.