[v6 General Discussion] Setting the text area within song editing window

I'm probably missing something obvious here but, whilst I appreciate the ability to change the text area of a song for each verse individually, is there a way to change ALL the verse text areas of a single song at the same time? I've tried various combinations of keystroke/highlighting/Inspector but so far I don't see a way to do it.

Just to be clear: the effect I'm looking for is to have text within EXACTLY the same small area of the screen for every verse of a song (so that it appears in a white space in a background image).

I can get close by manually changing each verse, but inevitably some verses will be a pixel or two out either way; I'd just like to get then ALL the same!

Thanks in advance!


Open song in either Song Editor, or in Schedule Editor, and select the "Slides" tab (next to the "Words" tab - easy to miss). Then, at the bottom of the editing column (just below the scroll bar) there is a tiny (again easy to miss) icon of a slide. Click this icon, and then you are presented in the right hand editing screen, with a generic song slide. Click on the text (it says "song text line one, song text line two" etc) and this gives you a text box which can be resized and repositioned anywhere on the slide. Once you're happy with the positioning, click on the little slide icon again and this will revert you to editing mode and the resized/repositioned text box appears the same on each slide. You may then have to go to Slide Inspector to select Text>Resize to fit element and then "Apply to theme".
Hi sdodman!

It works!

Thank you so much for the speedy response, the clear instructions and for just taking the time to help!

I'm so pleased!

With every blessing,