[v6 General Discussion] PowerPoint Return Button Feature??

We have been patiently waiting and watching for much of the functionality of EW2009 to be added to EW6. One major item that our AV guys are asking for is the PowerPoint Return button. At least that's what I call it. When we are in a powerpoint and move to a verse, a powerpoint icon appears above the "live" screen in version 2009. That allows our techs to return to where they left off in the powerpoint without having to look amateur and scroll through a bunch of junk on the live screen.

Is that function going to be added to EW6? My techs are begging for it.



Any update on this feature yet? We've been using 2009 solely because this function hasn't been added to v.6 . Now, someone approved a Microsoft 10 upgrade on our booth computer to which 2009 is not supported. Now I'm forced to move to v.6 without this feature. My AV guys aren't too happy about it.

Please let us know when this function will be available.

No date yet.
Thank you, Terry.

Is there an estimated timeframe for that release to be rolled out?

It is on the list of features to be added.