[v6 General Discussion] EasyWorship 6 won't play files that 2009 did

After upgrading to Windows 10 we have started to use EW6 but are finding that most media files that worked no problem in 2009 now have (!) marks in a yellow triangle next to them. These include some MP4, M4V, MP3, MP2, some MPG, some FLV, WMA and WMV files but others of the same types do NOT and play perfectly. All these files work in EW2009 and also MPC-HC which we use exclusively outside EasyWorship for all media. There doesn't seem to be a rule to which it plays either as some that work I have created with the same software as those that don't. Any ideas?

ah ha! I never thought of that. But I thought as they're imported from the 2009 database that would sort them but obviously not. So I'll just need to re-import them as media files and that should fix it then. Thanks Terry, I'll give it a go.
The exclamation points means that the files are not in the location that EasyWorship is looking for them . They may have been moved or you copied over short cut files instead of the actual file.