[v6 General Discussion] Hidden Taskbar

Good Day, the issue which has now recently started with EW6 is that the Taskbar at the bottom of the screen is not visible when EW6 is running?
This is regardless if the setting is "Lock the Taskbar" is tabbed, or indeed any other setting.
Coupled with this is that should you minimize EW6, then the screen (primary monitor) goes blank (white), and the only way to get the EW6 playing schedule back is to use the windows start key or Alt Tab, and click on the EW6.

Tried failed possible solutions
Using the latest and up to date EW6
Uninstalled and reinstalled to older version of EW6.

Your assistance would be appreciated


You may have the foldback set to your primary screen .
In EW click on EDIT//OPTIONS//FOLDBACK and make sure that it is not checked.
Hi Terry,

Thanks for the assistance, but have tried your solution, but has not worked, as the foldback was not checked.

Another strange issue is that when you adjust any of the "window" sizes with the slide tab adjustable tab, the entire screen goes blank and does not show the adjustment of that adjustment has been completed. ( for all the slide tabs in all the windows)

When you have scrolled through the open items on your PC using Alt+tab, on the most occasions, the returning screen, the sizes of the different columns / "windows"' are different to your set up size, and one has to then end up using the "window" sizes with the slide tab adjustable tab.

Is there anyway I could include screen dumps you illustrate what is happening?

Your assistance would be appreciated
Is this machine connected to a projector and does the live output show up on that screen?
Yes this PC is connected to a projector, and projects all correctly when gone live
In Edit>Options, in "Live Options", go to your Alpha Channel and select "Disabled". This will prevent EasyWorship from projecting to your computer screen. Then, your Output Channel should only display to your projector (usually Monitor 2 from Windows projector settings...) and you can move around your Windows desktop without interrupting the projection of the schedule.

That's what worked for me, anyway :) Hope it helps!