[v6 General Discussion] [FIXED 6.3.3] DVD Clip does not play

I have a new computer with Win 7 pro, Nvidia GTX960 card with latest drivers. Easy worship 6.3.2

I created a DVD clip successfully in the clip editor for two different DVD's I then close the clip editor and double click on the icon or move it to the schedule and it does not play live. I make clips sucessfully in earlier versions. I uninstalled and reinstalled Dscaler with no effect. Any ideas?

We just released 6.3.3 to fix this and a couple other show stoppers.
Click on help, then check for updates.
Download and install the update.
You can also go to https://easyworship.com/software/easyworship and download it from there then install over the current build.
Praises! 6.3.3 fixed the problem. Thanks for fast response.