[v6 General Discussion] Only half of PowerPoint slide is displayed

We just upgraded to EasyWorship 6 and have everything working fine except for PowerPoint. I am able to import a PowerPoint file and add it to the schedule but when it goes live only half the slide is displayed. We are using a Matrox Dual Head2Go for FoH and Foldback monitors which is working perfectly for the songs and scriptures. But when the PowerPoint goes live the left half of the screen is black and the right side is displaying the right half of the PPT Slide like the left half has been cut off (on the FoH and Foldback; they look exactly the same). It is NOT split in half like what you would see if the screen sizes were wrong with the left side on FoH and right side on the Foldback. When trying to add YouTube videos to the schedule, I get the same problem as well, the right side of video is playing but the left side is frozen, but not when I import and add a video file to the media collection first. Any help resolving this issue would be great. I could not find anything about this in the forums.

I have some questions that may help us nail down the issue.
What version of Windows?
Laptop or Desktop computer?
Do you know what video card is in the computer? AMD, Intel, NVIDIA...
Which dualhed2go do you have? Digital, Analog or DP edition.
What are your screen resolution settings in windows?
What are your custom resolution settings in EasyWorship?
What version of PowerPoint are you using?
Is EasyWorship set to use the PowerPoint viewer or application?
I'm asking all of these questions because I cannot replicate the problem with my matrox dualhead2go.
I am using a Windows 7 professional laptop with NVIDIA GeForce card. We are connected to a projector and TV via VGA cables using an ANALOG Matrox Dual Head2Go.

The windows screen resolution is set as:
Display 1 (laptop) - 1366 x 768 as recommended
Display 2 (extended)- 2048 x 768

EasyWorship Screen Resolutions:
Live Output: Left-1366, Top-0, Width-1024, Height 768
Foldback: Left-2390, Top-0, Width-1024, Height 768

We are using PowerPoint 2013 using the PowerPoint Application.

I have checked through the other features (song, scriptures and video) and they all work correctly as expected. If I make a presentation using the EW Presentation maker, it also works just fine. It is only the Power Point presentations that have this problem.

I really appreciate the help!

I just wanted to jump into this conversation This is probably not the solution but I just wanted you to check the drivers on NVidia card and make sure that you have the most current one for your laptop.
In the PowerPoint program go to the slideshow tab at the top.
Click on setup slideshow in the ribbon.
Make sure the resolution at the bottom right is set to use current resolution.
Also right click on the EasyWorship icon on the desktop.
Click on properties, then compatibility tab.
Make sure everything is unchecked.
I am away from the computer at the moment to check any other settings. However, I just bought this computer from Dell 2 weeks ago so I assumed everything was up to date.

But, when I stopped working on it today I noticed something else strange. If I clicked the LIVE button to hide the EW display and then click it back on, the slide would show in full screen like it should, BUT, as soon as the next slide would advance, it would still show the left side of the previous slide with the right side of the current slide. Then I noticed that if I went to any other application (web browser, desktop, system settings, anywhere other than EW etc), while letting the slides cycle in the background displayed through projector, the slides would begin to display and advance and loop in full screen correctly. But, once I clicked back on EW window, only the right side of screen would advance once again.
I checked and adjusted the resolution settings and made sure the drivers were up to date but the problem still persists. Do you think this is problem that could be fixed if the software was uninstalled and re-installed. I would hate to do that since I have already transferred everything from our old computer with EW 2009. Thanks for all the help.
I would not do the un-install until you have called us. So that we can take a look at it.
When I disconnect the Matrox DualHead2Go and attach to only the FOH projector via HDMI to VGA adapter, without foldback, the PowerPoint works good. But once I plug in the DualHead2Go the PowerPoint image goes back to showing only the right side of the slide (but again fixes itself with EW minimized). So it seems the problem lies with the Matrox DualHead2Go which allows for the use of the needed foldback. I did not have this problem on our old Windows Vista computer with EW 2009. Any thoughts on fixing it with that info, or do I need to buy a USB to VGA adapter set up a Monitor 3 for the NVIDIA card to control?
Did you install Matrox software?
Is PowerPoint set to use Automatic resolution for slide shows?
By default the Matrox splits display output in half, does Foldback show other half?
Unlike EW2009, EW6 does more graphics intensive functions on Foldback screen which are not supported on USE video adapters.