[v6 General Discussion] Nursery alert and message feature

I am not seeing new a nursery alert icon or message alert option in easy worship 6. Am I missing something? Our church uses this regularly and will not be able to run the new version live without that option.

It is in the works and will be added but I do not have a time frame.
Hi Terry, I appreciate that this is on your radar and that you may have an internal time frame but I feel compelled (and others are compelling me as well) to reiterate the call for the return of the nursery alert. We have been happy with the version 6 but we are being forced to return to the 2009 version until this can be rectified. Thanks for all you do.
Pastor Frank
Hi Terry,
I have been following this topic since last year and there has been no action on this. I like the Easy Worship version a lot but we really7nnee that nursery alert.
Pastor Dee

Nursery alerts are there but message alerts are still being worked on.

We would like to add our voice to the speedy addition of the message alerts to EW6. We use this regularly on the 2009 version but missing this in EW6 is like losing a key tool in our services.

Thank you,
RCCG Fountain of Fulfillment
Can we PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get foldback messages back PLEASE!!!

It will be in the next update. I have seen it with my own eyes.