[v6 General Discussion] Foldback Flicker

Pardon if this is a known bug, but I have some flickering issues with our foldback screen.

The flicker occurs only when playing videos from the media area and only flickers the video preview area on the foldback (the time and "up next" areas on the foldback do not flicker, nor do our main screens). I noticed it seems to flicker noticeably more when playing HD videos as opposed to SD videos, which clues me in that it might be a bandwidth/file size issue with the foldback video preview area. We don't play videos in our services all that often, so this isn't a huge issue, but I predict it will become an annoyance if it persists.

If you need any more info on the set-up, just let me know.

Thanks for any help you can offer!

How is the foldback screen connected to the computer?
What are the computer specs?
Foldback screen is sent out as a DVI signal, converted to VGA, sent to a component switcher which then routes to a projector via VGA.

The computer was just recently installed this month. Running Windows 7 64-bit with an Intel i7 and 16GB of RAM. As far as the graphics card, I believe we have dual AMD Radeon R9 200 cards, with one running as a slave.
Have you tried connecting directly to the dvi port on the video card to a monitor to make sure it's not something in the equipment between the computer and the projector?
Connected a display to the DVI port, still getting the flicker just in the video area.
Try turning off the crossfire configuration and run everything off one card. I'm not sure how this card will behave using the crossfire configuration. Currently we are not recommending AMD graphics cards. Not that they won't work, but we don't know how they will behave. AMD cards do not process content the same as NVIDIA.
Turning off crossfire didn't make any noticeable difference. I know we were planning on installing a Nvidia card on this new machine, but at the last minute someone ordered the AMD cards instead. Oh well. Thank you for your help!
We have an R700 card in the office. I'll see if I can do a test with it and see if it has issues.
One other thing.
Right click on the EasyWorship icon.
Click on properties.
Click on compatibility and make sure nothing is checked.
Oh It's actually an R9 270. We'll see what happens.
Alright. Well, nothing checked off under compatibility, so no issue there.
So far i'm not experiencing the same issue with foldback on my R9 270 as a single video card using the drivers provided by windows. I am installing AMD Drivers to see what happens.
What are the screen resolutions for each screen?
How are they position in the windows display settings?
Are they all still connected to one card?
I could not replicate this with the AMD card I have using the AMD graphics drivers. Try setting the foldback output to the primary screen and see if it behaves the same.
Primary Display: 1280x1024
Secondary Display/Live Output: 1920x1080
Foldback: 1024x768

In Windows Display the screens are positioned, going left to right, Primary, Secondary/Live, Foldback. However, Windows has labeled them as being 3, 1, 2 respectively.

The Secondary/Live output and the Foldback are connected using one card. The primary display is connected just straight to the motherboard DVI port.

When I set the Foldback to the primary display it seemed to be a lot better, but a few flickers still occurred intermittently.
I think if you can get them all connected to one video card the problem should go away.
That video card should support three displays, you may need to get an adapter to make it happen, but it will work much better.