[v6 General Discussion] Need help with live video

Hi all!

We have a Conference, next month. We will use live video feed on the background. For cameras we will use a Blackmagic Atem Television Studio. How can I capture this live feed. Should we need an external video card for capture?

Sorry... maybe I'm saying it wrong...

We have 3 cams conected to an ATEM.
From the atem we have 3 signals...

1 for video record
1 for streaming
1 for projector

How can I capture the ATEMs feed to EasyWorship for adding song lyrics above for projector?
I'm not sure I understand. You can use live video either way.
Yeah! I know it, but I want to show live video on screen
In order to connect the atem program output to the computer, you'll need a capture card. Probably the intensity pro. I will say that normally you would go the other direction and let the ATEM handle the switching and mixing of content.
Connect the computer to the ATEM with an HDMI cable and send it White EasyWorship text with a black background.
You can use alpha channel masking to overlay EasyWorship text over the ATEM video sources.
I want the Atem output into EW

Are you wanting to bring the Atem outputs into EW or push EW to the Atem?