[v6 General Discussion] Import from .rtf file problem

We utilize the import function heavily to bring in Hymn and Psalm text into EW 6. Our Psalm files include text with several words underlined.
In the latest release, 6.2.1, the text comes in fine, but no underlining format is imported. I can manually select words that are imported and underline them in the editor, and then the underlining will show up in the resulting slide. However, it would be good to have this functionality returned.
I did load up version 1.8, just to see if we were missing something from the earlier version. When importing the same file with underlined text, the underlined text comes in just fine, as it has been in the past.

Even pasting from Word it's plain text; earlier versions allowed formatting to be recognized. Doesn't matter where you paste either text pane or slide text box. Trying to decide what's retained is going to be difficult; there are many attributes to consider.

Copying within EW6 retained its formatting attributes.

I also noticed Ctrl-B and Ctrl-I are recognized for Bold and Italics but Ctrl-U isn't for Underline.
Are you making any progress on correcting this issue? It would be good not to have to install an older version of EasyWorship to import text (.rtf file) with attributes, then install the latest version to continue.
Thank you.
Are you making any progress on the importing of .rtf files to include text format (underline specifically)? This is still not working with the latest release, and I am no longer able to install a working earlier version of EasyWorship to import the files with formatting.
Thank you.

We cannot provide an update for this at this time. It is on our list of bugs however, please make sure you have added it to the bug list in the development pipeline area so others can vote on it.