[v6 General Discussion] Slides advancing on their own

We have a problem with slides advancing on their own, even there are no transitions in place. We have it set to 'on mouse click', but they are still advancing - and very quickly. How can we stop this?


I have not seen this and cannot replicate it.

Help me trouble shoot this.

Are you running the most currant build number of EW6?
Is the a song or a presentation or a PowerPoint?
Do you have a stuck key on your keyboard?
Are you using a remote pointer?
I would have to assume it is the latest version of EasyWorship, but I am not directly involve, so I am not sure.

It is a powerpoint presentation and it is only during our announcement slides that it advances. I have no transition settings in place, other than 'on mouse click'. There is no remote in play.

I am the administrative assistant and do not deal with this directly, but have been given the responsibility of working this out, so I am in an awkward position.
I would load the PowerPoint announcement file in PowerPoint program and press F5 to make sure it behaves as expected. If slides advance in EasyWorship it would affect all slides (songs, scripture, etc.) not just PowerPoint.