[v6 General Discussion] Video Download

Is it possible to incorporate a video from You Tube into a presentation? If so, how do you go about uploading a video from You Tube into Easy Worship?

It was easy until Youtube started putting all sorts of blocks in the way, which allow the image to come up on your monitor but not on any secondary screen.
The way we do it is to download the video using Firefox (which seems to do this much better than any of the other browsers) and then play the video from a file on the PC.
IN EW click on the WEB button on the tool bar and then click on the web tab and type in http://www.youtube.com. Find the video that you want to play and then schedule it in EW and go live with it. If the video is copyright protected it will not go live.
Good advice from Terry, but a video I posted using a track with the permission of the copyright holder, didn't work because it was "copyright protected". I think you will find that most videos now are "copyright protected". Just make sure you have plenty of time to test the video before the service so you can use Plan B if needed.