[v6 General Discussion] Importing and Organizing Media Files from EW2009 to EW6?

One of the main stumbling blocks of switching from EW 2009 to EW 6 has been importing media files. We have over 10,000 audio, video, and image files in 2009 organized in an orderly folder hierarchy that is easy to navigate in EW 2009. We can find any file rather quickly and easily. EW 6 on the other hand stuffs all of the files into 3 areas making it a nightmare to find. Don't even recommend using the search function to find the one you want as many don't have a name that is easily searchable such as 13276.jpg, 0002_wmpbsd.jpg, etc. Although it shouldn't be necessary to do so I am willing to spend a little time setting up collections, but simply do not have the time to do so one file at a time. How can I take all of the files that are in a specific folder from 2009 and import them into a Collection Folder in EW 6. We are talking over 10,000 files in over 500 folders here. There has to be a better way than what is shown in the example video on YouTube.

For some reason EasyWorship is not able to build a thumbnail for the image.
If you go live with the image, does it display?
What format are these images?
Can you verify that the images are actual images and are not bad shortcuts or maybe incomplete files?
Why are some (many) of my images not showing the image when I place them in a schedule? All I see is a blank white "image" with black borders on each side. The image shows in the image file for selection, but when selected for the schedule they do not show. Worked fine in 2009.
I have got it now. I will need to spend some time getting all the "Collections" set up. I think the old way with actual folders was easier. I am sure there is a reason for the change.

You can set up collections that are searchable which you were not able to do in EW 2009.
I have got it now. I will need to spend some time getting all the "Collections" set up. I think the old way with actual folders was easier. I am sure there is a reason for the change.
I am not searching for text but for a DIRECTORY location: C:UsersPublicDocumentsSoftouchEasyWorshipDefaultResourcesImages2011RealityChristianity3Series

The directory along with other choices are text fields. You can enter non-alphabetic characters in the criteria field and it doesn't include them in results.

For example:
[list:11zujf2j]2.jpg filename acts like *2*.jpg.
-2 filename acts like *2*.
ImagesNature directory finds nothing even there's a folder with that name Splitting Images and Nature into two criteria also finds nothing
Only Nature by itself with image file types works.
Fortunately my folder structure is flat so I have Nature and not NatureWaterfalls, NatureSky, NatureTrees, etc.
I found my problem (me). I was entering the entire Directory name when I needed to enter ONLY the file folder NAME of the folder containing the images. Now all I need to do is enter all the file folders I have in 2009 so they will be available in ver. 6. I was hoping there would be a way to transfer all of them in one step rather than having to enter each folder separately.
I am not searching for text but for a DIRECTORY location: C:\Users\Public\Documents\Softouch\EasyWorship\Default\Resources\Images\2011\RealityChristianity3Series
I have found that the text to search for in collections doesn't allow special characters to be recognized, e.g. periods, commas, slash, backslash, colon, dash, etc.
Rodger - I am having same problem I followed directions, however must be doing something wrong. My directory and images do not go to my newly made collection in version 6 (from directory in 2009). I changed the drop down box to "Directory" and to "Is" and pasted the directory location of my image sub-directories and files. I then tried naming the directory I created the name of the first directory I am attempting to transfer. Nothing was added. Any suggestions?
Thanks Roger, I'll give that a try and report back.
Newer builds of EasyWorship 6 allow you to create collections based off of directory (folder) names.
You can create collections that emulate your folders.
1. Click the media tab.
2. Click the plus sign at the bottom left corner of the window.
3. You’ll probably want to create folders for videos and images.
4. Then create collections for each folder under images or videos.
5. Edit each collection by double clicking it or right click and edit.
6. You can change the name of the collection.
7. Then check the box next to match.
8. Change the media type to the type you wish to create a collection for.
9. Change the first drop down to directory.
10. Type the name of the folder in the field provided and click ok.
Maybe use upper level folder names to create collection; 500 collections might be too tedious to create. I have 3,000+ in 30 folders.