[v6 General Discussion] PowerPoint looping

While using PowerPoint 2013 I created a slide show with animations and audio to use in EasyWorship 6. The presentation imported fine and plays in EasyWorship 6, but the last slide does not end the arrangement as Easy Worship loops automatically back to the first slide and continues again without our directive. I checked the PowerPoint file to make sure we did not include a "loop" setting and it does not exist in the file that I can find. How can I prevent Easy Worship 6 from running the PowerPoint program again without authorization?

There are no controls in EW6 for PowerPoint presentations, It must be the PowerPoint Set Up Show -> Loop continuously until Esc option is checked.

Thanks for the suggestion, but that box is not checked in the PowerPoint. It does not loop in a regular PowerPoint slide show. Only in EasyWorship 6.
The secret is to remove automatic advance on last slide.

While both program and viewer stop outside of EW6 they both looped inside the EW6 program. If you imported the PowerPoint and edited the original you will need to delete and import again (my test kept looping after just replacing).
Your last suggestion served to be inspiration to achieve. I had to add an ending slide with no animation or instruction to advance in my primary show. I did not have loops included in the first slide show or audio, but neglected to remove the directive of when to advance the previous ending slide. Thank you for your help!