[v6 General Discussion] Labels on live screen

I've not seen any comments anywhere about the location of the labels on the live screen slides. I have seen the request for color coding them, and I agree. I look at the slides from top down, and it would be helpful for me if the 'chorus (2x)' label was above the slide instead of below it.


I am in EW 6 and when I go live with the song I have the labels turned on and they show up above the song. You can also change the color of the label in EW 6.

If you click on EDIT//OPTIONS//SONG// and then put a check in SHOW VERSE/CHORUS LABEL and then you can click on LABEL FONT and change the color or have it CENTER//RIGHT//or LEFT JUSTIFIED.
I don't mean the labels on the live screen, I mean the labels on the workstation computer screen. The 'live' window, not the 'live output' window, not the live screen.
Only option "Ledger View". It shows lyrics beside slide.

We have discussed how to make this better. I think our developers have a solution. I'm not sure when it will be implemented.
Only option "Ledger View". It shows lyrics beside slide.

Issue with ledger view is that it does not show all the text. If slide contains more than ~3 lines of text, the rest is getting ignored.
If operator changes slides when reaching last line of text according to ledger view, it will create problems.

To be able to use ledger view, thumbnail size must be set to something quite large. even then, no guarantee it won't exceed. At this point the thumbnail is so large it forces operator to scroll constantly.
I have seen it posted a couple places about labels, ledger view, etc. on the operator screen. If it hasn't been mentioned elsewhere---Bold or colored labels marking the beginning of a Verse or Chorus would be very helpful. Right now if a worship leader decides to ad lib the song order it is difficult for the projectionist to easily see labels for the beginning of different parts of the song and differentiate them from 'slide 5', for example.
Jeff has posted elsewhere that he is working on this and it will be in a future update