[v6 General Discussion] Editing Songs

I am having an issue when I am trying to edit songs. When I add a new slide the new slide comes up as a power point slide asking to enter in a slide title and then when I add the text it shows up with bullets before each line. Is there somewhere that this can be changed? I cannot add new songs because if this.



Tom, you should only get this if you are creating new presentations and not songs.
Are you adding new songs or presentations?
You can change the type of slide by changing the theme or turning off bullets in the Inspector.

I have the same issue (and mentioned this before in one of the threads) - I selected New Song Theme, not New Presentation Theme. How do you change the theme? How do you turn off bullets in the inspector?
Build 1.9 has a bug in theme creation that makes new themes Presentations. Several posts detail workarounds.