[v6 General Discussion] just move songs from EW 2007 to EW6

Is there a way to just export the songs from EW2007 and import them into EW6.
I dont want to move videos and backgrounds. Just the songs.

Perhaps you can rename the relevant folder (that you don't want to import) then convert,
Or else move them to a completely different location, convert and then move them back again.
Make a backup of your files first.
Browse to the profile folder.
Open Databases, data
Delete all files except the songhistory.* , SongKeys.*, Songs.*
Open EasyWorship 2007 once and it will run through a conversion process creating an empty backgrounds database and other empty databases.
Then Close EasyWorship 2007.
Transfer the data folder form c:userspublicpublic documentssoftoucheasyworshipdefault or other profile folderdatabases
To the EW 6 computer and place it in the same location.
Delete or rename the data folder in c:userspublicpublic documentssoftoucheasyworshipdefault or other profile folderv6.1databases
Open EasyWorship 6.
Allow it to convert and you now just have the songs and not backgrounds.
You can skip the first part if you don't mind it transferring the backgrounds from the backgrounds drop down in EW 2007 into the themes area.
Thanks Rodger that work perfectly